Vcenter Operations upgrade from 5.0 to 5.7 on Vcenter 5.0 U2

We recently upgraded to the new VCOPS 5.7 that was released earlier this month and I wanted to document it here for any others that may be doing the same.  I had a few questions based on the install notes at the link below where it states what is needed if installing to 5.0.

In the release notes it states that you need to use the Suite license because your older 5.0 license will not work until you upgrade the license file.  Luckily, along with the .pak download there is a temp key you can download from VMware’s site.  Now, let’s get into the upgrade.

First, you will need to download the .pak file and if using 5.0 download the Suite license along with it.  If you have upgraded your license in the myvmware portal this may not be needed for you.


Log into the VCOPS web portal address which is https://your-vcops-address/admin/


Once logged in, click the update tab at the top and browse to your .pak file that you downloaded:


Choose update and you will get a updating bar while it begins to update and if you log back in you can monitor the update on the update tab as seen in the screenshot below. I  had an issue where I did not have enough space because of a previous upgrade.  In that case, you must login to the UI console and delete temp files from the command line documented in this KB


The update took about 10-15 minutes for me before it was fully done.  If you notice in the notes it mentions “Re-assign license to vcenter Operations Manager asset in the licensing Vcenter”.  This is because it uses the vcops suite.  At this point you either put in your upgraded suite license or use the temp one provided at the download section mentioned earlier in the article.

Put in the license and assign it to your VCOPS assset:



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