Vsphere 5.5 Announced: What’s New

It appears it will not be available for download for another couple weeks, but you can start reading up on it!



Storage: Greater than 2 TB VMDKs, 64 TB!

Virtual San: http://www.vmware.com/products/virtual-san/

NSX: Network hypervisor: http://www.vmware.com/products/nsx/

Great articles by Chris Wahl on new features: http://wahlnetwork.com/category/deep-dives/5-5-vsphere-improvements/


VMworld Live Video

Here is the link for the live video!  Key note will start in 1 hour from now.



VMworld Next Week!

Won’t be able to make it but hoping for some announcements and I will try to post any major ones I hear or read about during the week.


Some things I’m hoping to be announced out of VMworld:

1.  VSAN- this could be a game changer if the technology is there and stable.

2.  Large disk VMDK’s – With the next release of Vsphere hopefully being released soon will they support VMDK’s larger than 2 TB?

3.  Web Client – Will there be any improvements to the web client and any new features?

Migrate ESXi host and guests from 1000v / VDS to Standard Switch using Powercli

Migrate Host and Guests VDS to SS using Powercli 5.5

On occasion, there is a need to migrate an entire host or even cluster from the VDS to a standard switch. We happen to do this frequently for assorted operations like an upgrade or moving to another VDS. So, I wrote a script combining some of my previous posts to put it all together.

Below are the configuration and the steps we would follow for our environment.  You may need to tweak the scripts slightly depending on how many interfaces that you have.

Our Configuration:

1.  Hosts are on the 1000v

2.  We only have 2, 10 GB uplinks/vmnics.  These are Dell half height blades.

3. No standard switch currently configured, but Vswitch0 is present.

4.  Only 1 VMkernel portgroup for Vmotion and Management respectively.

5.  Portgroup names are labeled identically the same (required for the for loop to work properly.

Steps to migrate to the standard switch:
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