Vsphere 5.5 Officially Available Sept 22nd 2013

5.5 is now officially released!  See some of the below links for documentation and release notes.






VisualESXtop Installation/Usage

So, I was reading the tech blog o’ sphere recently and came across a fling I’d heard a bit about, but hadn’t really looked at. I just recently downloaded it and I have to say it is pretty cool for a V1 release.

The VMware Fling I am talking about is: Visual ESXTop

What is Visual ESXtop? It is a java based gui that will give you real time data just like ESXTOP without having to use resxtop on yoru VMA or directly onto the host. That’s right, you can run this from your linux or windows desktop.

Where can I get it? http://labs.vmware.com/flings/visualesxtop

How do I run it? First, extract the folder to the directtory of your choosing. On windows, you will need java (1.6) although I got it working with 1.7 and you need to put java into your path Variable.

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