VisualESXtop Installation/Usage

So, I was reading the tech blog o’ sphere recently and came across a fling I’d heard a bit about, but hadn’t really looked at. I just recently downloaded it and I have to say it is pretty cool for a V1 release.

The VMware Fling I am talking about is: Visual ESXTop

What is Visual ESXtop? It is a java based gui that will give you real time data just like ESXTOP without having to use resxtop on yoru VMA or directly onto the host. That’s right, you can run this from your linux or windows desktop.

Where can I get it?

How do I run it? First, extract the folder to the directtory of your choosing. On windows, you will need java (1.6) although I got it working with 1.7 and you need to put java into your path Variable.

1. Go to your Control Panel ->System Security->System-Advanced System Settings->Environment Variables


2.  Go to where you downloaded the folder.  You can modify visualEsxtop.bat to increase java heapsize if you need more memory for a large environment.  Then run visualesxtop.bat.esxtop

3.  In window, choose File->Connect to Live Serveresxtop2

4.  For the connection, you can use Vcenter or ESX host.  For Vcenter format is vcenter/FQDNhost.esxtop3

5.  Once loaded up, you can select metrics for a chart or see the real time data along any of the tabs at the top.

esxtop4 esxtop5


So far, this looks like a cool product.  I have had some issues with it freezing on me and also it doesn’t appear you are able to remove objects from the chart once selected.  Other than that I am really liking it.


7 Responses to VisualESXtop Installation/Usage

  1. Nice… Wish I new about this after I just got done pushing out certs to everything so resxtop would work correctly.

  2. FG says:

    this tool sucks!

  3. Paul says:

    Guys, hope you can help. I’m attempting to load all batch file into visualesxtop. The file is around 700mb in size. When attempting to load the data into the program I am faced with the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error.

    I have tried adding the line into the visualesxtop.bat file in the following format, however the memory error is still present:

    setlocal enableddelayedexpansion

    java %export JAVA_OPTS=-xmx2048% -cp “%~dp0\lib\vtop-ui.jar” com.vmware.vtop.vtopmain %*

    Have I used the correct format above? Any ideas where I am going wrong

  4. markdjones82 says:

    It appears that the bat file has the wrong name. It should be “set” in windows. Try putting the set line above the java line like so:

    set JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx2048m
    setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
    java %JAVA_OPTS% -cp “%~dp0\lib\vtop-ui.jar” com.vmware.vtop.VTopMain %*

    • Paul says:

      Cheers Mark, I appreaciate the help…..

      I made the ammendmants as per your instructions and it looks like it has helped somewhat. I am now able to load batch files of up to 100mb, however when trying to load in batch files of around 700mb (a days worth of stat gathering) it bombs out after a while with the same heap size error.

      I’m running this on a VM with 4gb vRAM and 4vCPU’s assinged. RAM performance looks ok when running the app, however CPU is sitting at a consistent 90-100%

      Apologies for the vague info, I am a complete novice when it comes to Java Programming

      • markdjones82 says:

        Paul, I am not really an expert myself. I am unsure if there might be some sort of limitation in the code to import large esxtop information.

        I would suggest asking on the fling page see if the developer has any insight.

        You could also try to import the information into esxplot to get a virtual representation.

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