ESXi Host Disconnecting Alarm

On occasion hosts can disconnect due to losing network heartbeats.  Shouldn’t happen often, but sometimes it does.  There is a default alarm for this “Host Connection State”, but it does not have email already setup.  Therefore, in a larger environment you may not be able to pinpoint exactly when your host disconnected.  This can cause issues including DRS failures, backup failures if using snapshots, and possibly even HA issues if the host failed.

Now, this alarm will trigger any time a host is disconnected.  So, I recommend only enabling email alerts if you are troubleshooting frequent disconnect issues.

Here is how to enable this type of alarm:

1.  Click on your Vcenter Object under host and clusters view.  Click Alarms and Definitions.


2.  Select the Host Connection and Power State alarm, right click, Select Edit Settings.


3.  This is the triggers that will alarm.


5.  Under actions have it send a notification to your monitoring email address.disconnect5


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