Temporarily adjust the Customization Wizard missing from Web Client

It was brought up on the forums earlier this year and I have confirmed that this is an issue in Vsphere 5.5 U1.  There is an option in the C# thick client when trying to deploy a VM where you can select the a Customization Spec and then choose to temporarily adjust before deployment.  See screen below:



This is a great option for those that want to keep most of the details, but maybe want to just change the IP address. This option appears to now be gone in the web client.  So, until it is resolved users will have to continue using the thick client for this.

If you look at the screenshots below, you can attempt to choose that option, but it takes you to a screen to create a brand new PERMANENT customization spec.  I plan on following up with VMware to determine if this was by design somehow.






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