VMware Product Walkthrough Videos

I recently stumbled across an excellent page from VMware that I had never seen before.  I figure others would enjoy this page as much as I do.  On the page it has a collection of videos provided for many of their offerings to get you up to speed!  It’s a nice little nugget of information that I hope others will enjoy.




VSAN does not see all disks due to previous partitions

During my testing out of VSAN I ran into an issue where VSAN was unable to see all of the disks in the box.  This can occur if there was something loaded on those disks.  The way around this is you need to SSH into the server and list the disks to see if there are partitions.

Step 1: List the disks and look for parititions.  Below you can see there are 2 partitions on this disk.

ls /dev/disks/naa*
/dev/disks/naa.600605b00896b6e01acf437ab22efc8e /dev/disks/naa.600605b00896b6e01acf4384b2c815fa
/dev/disks/naa.600605b00896b6e01acf437ab22efc8e:1 /dev/disks/naa.600605b00896b6e01acf4384b2c815fa:1
/dev/disks/naa.600605b00896b6e01acf437ab22efc8e:2 /dev/disks/naa.600605b00896b6e01acf4384b2c815fa:2

Step 2:  Delete all the partitions

partedUtil delete /dev/disks/naa.600605b00896b6e01acf437ab22efc8e 1

After this you may need to disable and re-enable the VSAN check box to see the new disks.